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FLAT RATE Recording Packages (PER SONG):

Basic Demo - $300 

Includes Acoustic Guitar (or a beat/Instrumental if you have one to sing or rap to) and Vocals. Includes high quality rough mix and master. 

Stem Mix Add On - $200 (Optional)

The stem mix add on will transform the basic demo package into more of a radio quality sound. Use this if you plan to buy the track stems/trackouts for your beat and would like to have us mix it. We highly recommend this option. Professional songs are not recorded over mp3's or .wav files from YouTube. The track stems are always used, and mixed by a professional in anything you hear on the radio. Beat-makers aren't mixing engineers. Let us mix that beat for you!
If you have any questions about this process feel feee to reach out! 

Master (Radio Quality) Recording - $1000                                                     

Includes (Unlimited Instruments) i.e. Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano, Synth or Pad, and Electronic Drum Programming. Includes radio quality mixing and mastering (The Master). Outside musicians for hire are welcome, this is at your own expense. This Package includes unlimited studio time until the song is finished. Revision policy still applies. (The Master includes singed work-for-hire forms and allows for unlimited sales). 

FLAT RATE Full “EP” or “Album” Recording Packages:

Basic Demo EP Package –5 Songs $1,350                                                                                              

Basic Demo ALBUM Package – 12 songs $3,250

DEMO WITH STEM ADD-ON EP Package 6 songs $2,800 
DEMO WITH STEM ADD-ON ALBUM Package – 12 songs $5,000

Master Recording Session EP Package – Up to 6 songs $5,500
Master Recording ALBUM Session Package – 12 songs $11,000

Hourly Recording Packages:

  • 1 Hour - $75

  • 5 Hours - $350         (You save $25)

  • 10 Hours - $675       (You save $75)

  • 15 Hours - $1,000    (You save $125)

  • 25 Hours - $1,700     (You save $175)

  • 50 Hours - $3,450     (You save $200)


Mixing and Mastering Packages:

Mixing – (2 – 15 Tracks) $150 per song (Most Hip/Hop Rap Songs)

Mixing – (15 – 50 Tracks) $250 Per song (Full Bands Usually)

Mixing – (Over 50 Tracks) $350 Per Song (Full Bands Usually)

Mastering ONLY - $50 (Per Song)

BULK Mixing Package Discounts

4-6 Songs 10% discount

7-9 Songs 15% discount

10 Songs or more 20% discount 

NOTE: Mastering is included in all mixing packages. If you've purchased a full song demo or recording package from above, mixing and mastering is included, and you do not need to pay for this separately. If you pay by the hour for recording, then these mixing and mastering fees apply to you.


Basic Marketing Package $500 Monthly

Standard Marketing Package $1500 Monthly

Label Pro Marketing Package $2500 and up Monthly

Set up and training with BMI - $100

Set up and training with Google Ads -$100

Digital Distribution Services - $250 Per Album

Digital Distribution Services - $100 Per Single

Stem Bounce -$50 Per Song

CD Duplication/Manufacturing services - $250

Musician/Band Website Building and management - $500 Includes setup and build. This service is 50$ a month thereafter for management unless you wish to manage the site on your own.

Album cover/artwork graphic design - $300

Record Label Services - $349 a month (1 year commitment)

$249 a month if Paid Annually - One time payment of $2,988

North Heart Music Group LLC is an official record label and a licensed publisher with BMI. We can act as your record label, management, and publisher. This package includes initial setup and build of all of the above services within this category (NOT INCLUDING MARKETING PACKAGES.) We also manage it for you and keep everything running smoothly so that all you have to do is focus on making music. Need us to post new information on your website for you? Done! Need us to upload a new song to iTunes and Spotify or do a photoshoot for you? Done! Whenever you need it, every time you need it. For more details and to find out if this is right for you, please set up an appointment with us. DISCLAIMER: Choosing this option does not mean that you're signed to our label. This simply allows us to do a lot of the work for you that a label would do. You still own all your music.

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