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  The consolidated version of the story is this: WE MEAN BUSINESS. We're tired of seeing local artist's pay for music videos and getting an end result that doesn't look professional. Our goal is Hollywood and Record Label quality in Alaska. Why nobody else in Alaska has invested into this way of thinking until we came along? We don't know and honestly it blows us away... because it's really not that difficult.


  If the quality of your video doesn't look like it came out of Hollywood, you shouldn't be paying for it. That's why we invest only into the equipment, technology, and techniques that real film crews and directors are actually using today in the big leagues. 

  Professional film makers in the big leagues don't use small store bought Sony and Cannon cameras for their professional work. So why would we? They use RED and Arri cameras. They use Cinema Lenses rather than photo lenses. They use cinema lighting and they use teams of people to get the job done. They use the BEST OF THE BEST. And because of that... SO DO WE. We're not trying to re-invent the wheel. We simply want the same result as the big leagues and we're not willing to settle for less. That's our stance. We hope you agree. 


  Nevertheless, we get it. It isn’t cheap! It’s one of the reasons we offer financing/payment plans for all videos. In a world where music videos can cost $50k and up at the record label level, we’ve figured out a way to offer our clients the same level of quality for under $5k. But even still, it’s a big expense for you. Here’s why we charge what we charge. 


  1. Ever watched Netflix? Or a movie in theaters? We use the same cameras. They’re high end RED Digital Cinema Camera’s. They’re some of the highest end cameras in the industry and it will show in your video!  Also, they’re about the price of a new car. It costs us money to operate and maintain these cameras but we want you to have the best of the best. So we invested!  

  2. The skill level and training that is required of our company to be able to produce Hollywood or Label quality music videos for you is intensive and takes years and years to learn. We’re always learning, adapting and upgrading our skills and our gear for you. Professional video shoots most often require a team of dedicated professionals to shoot properly. These crew members we need to assist us on set can add to the cost. 

  3. Shooting the video is the easy part. But even a simple music video can take 8 hours or more to edit and color grade. 





  Could you hire someone that has a decent camera and does some video work on the side and says he/she can do a music video for cheap? You could, yes. But why would you? You don't see huge artists putting out cheap run and gun videos too often. You may not be a huge artist yet, but why present yourself to the world in a light that is anything other than perfection? Most "Movie Quality" music videos take a team of experienced people, cinema cameras, cinema lighting, and good directors. That's where we come in. You won't get the same result elsewhere. We are professionals, and we do things the way the big league pro's do things. Please hire a pro, even if it isn't us. As of right now though, we're the only ones we know of in Alaska that produce this level of work. All that said, we hope that we're the driving force here and that other local companies begin to adopt these higher standards. 


Here’s a link to some music videos that were shot on RED Cinema Cameras.


Here’s a link to some movies that were shot on RED Cinema Cameras.




Call 907-280-9315 

Basic Music Video Package $1595


Shooting at 1 location/editing included

Optional add on of $350 for each extra location

Optional add on of $350 per location for drone footage

Standard Lighting setup included (as needed)

Optional Music Video Lighting add on for $250 per location



Standard Music Video Package $1995


Shooting at up to 3 locations/editing included

Optional add on of $350 for each extra location

Optional add on of $350 per location for drone footage

Standard Lighting setup included (as needed)

Optional Music Video Lighting add on for $250 per location


Pro Artist Music Video Package $2500


Pre-Production Story-Board session

Drafting of a professional music video treatment/script

Shooting at up to 5 locations/editing included

Standard lighting setup included (as needed)

Music Video Lighting Package Included

Optional add on of $350 for each extra location

Optional add on of $350 per location for drone footage


Record Label Artist Package - Starting at $5000 


Pre-Production Story-Board session

Drafting of a professional music video treatment/script

Drone footage included

Music Video Lighting add on included with high end production grade lighting team.

Makeup/wardrobe team provided on set

Permits can be obtained for special locations

For complicated sets/shoots, we may sometimes need to hire additional crew members to assist us with rigging, lighting, camera operation, etc. The fee for extra crew members can range from $100 to $200 per day per crew member. We will let you know before we begin shooting whether or not your project will require additional crew members.

Custom packages/Call for quote

VEVO Distribution Package $250/Yearly Subscription

  • 1 Vevo Channel

  • Unlimited videos

  • Monetized content

  • Monthly royalty statement

  • ISRC codes provided 


Want to get your music video on VEVO but don't know where to start? With our VEVO package, we distribute your content to VEVO for you whenever you need! Unlimited videos uploaded to VEVO, $250 a year. Sound simple? That's because it is! 


Didn't shoot you music video with us? No problem! We can still get you on VEVO and we will still manage everything for you! 


Please go over the following information before purchasing a video, as the following is frequently inquired about among clients, and it’s important that you know these things.

 North Heart Music Group retains copyright ownership of all files Raw and Final Delivery unless otherwise agreed upon in writing. We require that you credit us in the video. Our company name and who directed the video will appear in the video unless otherwise agreed upon in writing. 

  Copyright law provides that the independent contractor (North Heart Music Group) hired by the client owns all rights to the intellectual property (the footage) unless agreed upon in writing. We do not provide raw files unless agreed upon in writing and we charge a $500 fee if you choose to obtain the raw footage. Most professional cinematography and production companies work in this way. In case you’re wondering why, here are a few reasons we pulled from the net to help give you a better understanding of where we’re coming from.

Reason 1. “Giving clients raw video in any stage before the final version is like a construction crew letting the homeowners move into their home before the roof is finished and the plumbing is installed. It is work that is not ready to be seen or experienced.”

Reason 2. “Once you release the raw footage and rights to your client, they are free to do whatever they want with your creative work, even potentially hiring someone else to edit the video who potentially ends up making a not-so-good video out of your footage and then telling everyone that it is your work, which wouldn’t be completely false.”

  There are many other reasons, but you get the idea. It’s our work and our art, that you’ve hired us to create for your work and your art. You’re buying the Big Mac so you can eat it. It doesn’t mean you get the secret recipe too. And if we give the raw footage and the ownership rights to you, (which we will do for a fee and a contract) it means we have no control over what happens to it. It’s no longer something we can use to show our future clients our past work. 

If you’d like raw files, please contact us and we will get the paperwork over to you.

Thanks for your understanding. 

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