North Heart Music Group welcomes J3-dub to it's artist roster. We're happy to have a new member to the family! Look for J3's first single November 27, 2020!




Tyler Rifley is a Country/Pop recording artist based out of Anchorage, AK. Rifley was born on Dec 2, 1994 in Fairbanks, Alaska. Known for his modern bro country vibe with a tad of some cliche yet catchy pop ballads, most anybody can relate to a Tyler Rifley song. From the one-time-thing turned "let's be a thing" theme of It Can Be Ours, to the heartbreak let down of Wish You Were Here Right Now, to falling in love and kicking back at the ocean in Right By Me, Rifley has a song that will make you say "yup I've been there!" 
Influenced by Kenny Chesney from an early age, Rifley has always known that he wanted to be a recording artist and continues working toward his goal each and every day. While songwriting and producing his own records are his bread and butter, he has caught the attention of many up and coming artists who need a producer. Rifley has gone on to produce records for a number of talented artists in his area. Perfecting his skills in music production, recording, mixing and audio mastering, Rifley runs a recording studio in Anchorage, Alaska. When he's not touring or recording his own music, he's helping others develop themselves as artists.




Josiah Goward was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska, where he developed a passion for music and more importantly, worship. His lyrics come from his personal times of prayer and worship and are fueled by a desire to worship in spirit and in truth. Whether the song is intimate, passionate, coming from a place of lament, or coming from a place of joy and celebration, Josiah's music is designed to do one thing... Bring glory to God!




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